Deck/Wood Restoration

When sealing a deck, fence, playset or other exterior structure, Protect A Deck recommends applying a sealer that has a semi transparent stain. The sealer will act as a barrier keeping out water and moisture, but a clear sealer will not keep the wood from turning gray. It is the stain pigments in a sealer that block the sun’s UV rays, preventing those rays from turning the exposed surface of the wood gray. And it follows that the more pigment, the greater barrier to UV rays. So the darker the stain, the more UV protection from the sun. Having been in the deck restoration business since 1998, Ready Seal is the sealer we prefer and recommend. Ready Seal is a professional grade semi transparent oil based sealer/stain. Because its a true penetrating oil, its greatest benefit is that after it is applied, Ready Seal does not have to be stripped off the next time its applied. Stripping off old sealers is expensive, hard work that can lead to damage to the wood because of the strong chemical strippers and high water pressure that is often needed. Practically all store bought sealers call for their product to be stripped off before reapplying. To learn more about Ready Seal and to view their stain color choices, click on the Ready Seal logo to the right. In addition, any further questions about stains, sealers, etc. call us at 704-541-8411.

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