Gutter Cleaning

Your Gutters

To maintain your gutters properly they should be cleaned every six months. One way to tell if a gutter needs cleaned is by looking up at the top outside rim to see for any discoloration. If discoloration exists then there is buildup in the gutter and the water is not draining properly. Another way is to look for leaves and sticks that may be hanging over the edges. And another is to look at any roof line where water drains. If leaves exist along that line then chances are leaves are in the gutter.

There are a number of problems and dangers when cleaning out gutters. Climbing a ladder to clean gutters is always a dangerous proposition and especially more so when the gutters are on a two story house. Walking across a roof to clean gutters is a very dangerous way to clean gutters. A slip can be extremely easy and can be caused from debris on the roof or shoes that do not give adequate traction. Various electrical and phone lines are sources of electric shock and can pose problems especially if there are any nearby trees that obscure their entry into the house. You need to remember to lock any doors when the ladder is stationed outside. Actually cleaning a gutter is a messy job. There can be germs and small animal nests in the debris that lay in the gutter. What if the down spout is clogged and your water pressure in the hose is not strong enough to clear the way. Or maybe you don’t have a plumbers snake to do the job right. And finally, disposing of decaying debris should be done is a sanitary way.

Why bother with all the potential problems. Let the professionals clean out your gutters while you watch the football game.

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